Training activities

This training programme integrates high quality scientific and hands-on training in transferable and complementary skills. The scientific training encompasses local and network-wide training activities. As the fellows will carry out individual research projects leading to their PhD degree at the academic institutions the greater part of expertise is acquired by conducting research under the close supervision of the principal investigators and additional research group members within highly specialized local scientific ESR/ER projects.

These research projects will be complemented by scientific skills courses that have been successfully provided by the academic networks over many years. Approved structured training courses are a requirement for any PhD student and will play an important role in this training programme.

In order to provide the fellows a wider tuition, there will be scientific activities including focused network-wide events and targeted wider network conferences and symposia.

As most researchers in the areas covered by this network continue their career in industry, business skills and work experience are required. For this reason the network will offer mandatory complementary generic skills workshops as well as intersectorial secondments and sectorial staff exchange.

Each ESR has a personal development plan that integrates all training elements and will be geared to the specific needs of the individual. This way the high quality of teaching and training can be assured and also aim for a homogeneous and high level training for all ESRs.