The project HEALING is a training network. Educating young scientists is crucial for the progress in stem cell research. Therefore the highly qualified early stage researchers (ESRs) and experienced researchers (ERs) who are trained within this network build the core of the project.

Ana Citlali Gradilla Castellanos, PhD in Molecular Biology, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain. Field of research: Mechanisms of Hedgehog signaling, as a first step in the identification of target molecules for the pathway.

Anja Füllgrabe, MSc in Molecular Biosciences, Universität Heidelberg, Germany.
Field of research: Skin stem cells.

Boryana Petkova, MSc in Molecular Biology, Università degli Studi di Bologna, Italy. Field of Research: Aspects of HH-GLI Signaling in Stem Cells and Screening for Modulators

Chandan Seth, MSc in Biotechnology, Hamdard University, New Delhi, India.
Field of research: Role of HH-GLI signaling and related pathways in stem cells.

Christine Weber, MSc in Pharmacy, University of Vienna, Austria.
Field of research: Mechanism of wound-induced tumour formation.

Eléanor Simon, MSc in Cell and Developemtal Biology, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.
Field of research : Developmental Biology

Esther Hoste, PhD, Department for Molecular Biomedical Research, Ghent University, Belgium.
Field of research: Cancer research in skin.

João Ramalho Ortigão Farias, MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology, Fiocruz, Brazil. Field of Research: Hh release and its gradient formation in wing imaginal disk of Drosophila melanogaster.

Laura Manicassamy, MSc in Organic synthesis and bioactive molecules synthesis, Universite Lyon 1, France. Field of research: Synthetic studies on anti-cancer compounds from Withania Somnifera.

Lucia Vitellozzi, MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology,
Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy.
Field of research: Synthetic studies on anti-cancer compounds from Withania.

Lukasz Cegielkowski, MSc in Biotechnology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland.
Field of research: Skin stem cells and cancer research.

Magadi Subramanya Srivathsa, MSc in Biochemistry, Bangalore University, India. Field of research: Control of Drosophila neuroblast maintenance by signaling pathways.

Maria Hölzl, MSc in Molecular Biology, University of Vienna, Austria.
Field of research: skin stem cells.

Monika Kuciak, PhD in Human Genetics, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France.
Field of research: Mode of action of Hh-Gli agonists.

Neha Garg, MSc in Biochemistry, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India.
Field of research: Control of Shh-Gli signaling by microRNAs in cerebellar precursors/stem cells.

Rita Correia Ribeiro, MSc in Biomedical Sciences, University of Algarve, Portugal.
Field of research: Shh-Gli signaling in the cerebellar development


Alice Mellotti, PhD in regenerative medicine and tissues engineering, University of Genoa, Italy. Field of research: Role of Wnt signaling and its relationships with Hh-Gli pathway in neural and others stem cells.