Hedgehog signalling

The molecular Hh-Gli pathway is a major regulator of development and stem cell behavior, and mutations that decrease its activity are known to be associated with severe defects in nervous system development. Recent evidence suggests indicates that the Hh-Gli pathway continues to function in adult tissue, normal as well as diseased, by regulating both cell proliferation and the production of growth and angiogenic factors. This dual ability has great potential for the reactivation regeneration of cells in adult life. HEALING will therefore:

  • Elucidate the basic mechanisms of Hh-Gli signalling
  • Characterize the termination and reactivation of Hh-Gli signalling
  • Follow novel genomic approaches to termination and reactivation of Hh-Gli signalling
  • Explore the interdependencies between regeneration and Hh-Gli signalling, and
  • Activate Hh-Gli signalling in a controlled manner to improve healing.

HEALING research will result in new findings, knowledge and agonists and provide specific contributions to the standards in the different research areas addressed by this project.